From the beginning, Stellar Metal Roofing tried to stand out from their competitors. One of the essential components of this was that Stellar Metal Roofing never worked with offshore low-cost steel producers, but has always used high quality steel coils from European and Canadian steel mills such as SSSAB (Sweden) & ArcelorMittal (Canada).

Not only did working with top steel producers help guarantee producing high quality metal roofing products, we were also able to ensure that all products sold were guaranteed for longevity, durability and backed by one of the best warranties in industry. By controlling the quality, it didn’t take long to grow our business and become one of top Metal Roofing Manufacturers in Canada. We are able to offer both quality and prices that are beneficial for both the company and the consumer. Although there was risk associated with this business strategy; on how to stay competitive with the immediate competitor’s use of cheap offshore
steel, it was good decision for the long run. our customers anything short of the best in metal roofing.

As a leading Canadian metal roofing manufacturer, we continue building towards the future. Our family owned/operated factory in Bowmanville is and will remain top choice for the metal roofing needs of our customers. Beside our extensive current lineup of metal roofing products, we are currently offering we are introducing 2 new modular tile profiles, an expanding line of small modular metal roofing products.

While the company has grown significantly over the last few years; the roots and DNA of Stellar Metal Roofing stayed the same. The commitment to quality, large selection of profiles, bringing in new and innovative lifestyle home products and customer service remain to be the pillars and backbone of Stellar Metal Roofing. Now, we just keep looking forwards; onwards and upwards for all things in metal roofing!