Everything you need to know about metal roofing

Buying new metal roof is an investment, but if you buy the right kind you never have to do it again! There are many metal roofing choices in todays market. In order for homeowners to choose the right lifetime permanent metal roofing product, its is of outmost importance that they do research and define the criteria.

After all, buying steel roof for your home or cottage should be a worry- hassle-free experience


The metal roofing profiles, and tiles has been utilized for hundreds of years. During this time, a great deal of effort has gone into creating something that not only looks fantastic but also offers the ultimate protection for your home. Advances in manufacturing technology means that Metal roofing offers better performance than traditional asphalt shingles. When choosing steel roofing materials, your new roof will provide unprecedented water tightness, strength-eliminating uplift and crating energy efficiency.

With variety of styles in metal roofing design, the homeowners are increasingly choosing metal roofing option over traditional asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is becoming ultimate choice, providing years of striking beauty, unsurpassed durability, and homeowner value.


For that chiselled & stylish “Grand Design” look, there is no better choice than metal roofing. Used in reroofing, new construction it is quickly becoming preferred choice by architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Accessories, fittings & trim

Sometimes it is the smallest features that make the biggest difference to the roof. Whether you are after a sleek modern look or a sculptured classical appearance, the right profile styling, fittings & trims & other accessories creates a superior level of authenticity.


Installing durable metal roofing on your home is important on a couple of fronts. Firstly, strong materials can protect your home against harsh Canadian weather patterns- conditions, eliminating possible leakage- water intrusion, ice dams, wind lift, premature failure etc. 

Energy efficient metal roofing

You have paid for your heating, so it is the job of your new metal roof to keep the heat in your home in the winter and away from your attic in the summer. Improvements in energy savings is arguably one of the most significant attributes of metal roofing, not just for the for-home living comfort, but money savings, for years to come as well. 

 Beauty and increased curb appeal

Striking beauty of metal roofing, unmatched performance and durability, all while offering great curb appeal and increased value of the home. 

 Safety & reliability

 One of the best qualities of steel roofing is, that is surprisingly a lightweight compared to other roofing systems. It reduces the stress on roof structure, eliminating and preventing possible cave-ins., thus making it perfect roofing choice for the extreme weather conditions that Canada can provide. 

 Many insurance companies are recognizing this  and are  offering possible  discounts on insurance premiums..

 Rust proof – rust resistant

European & Canadian PPGI- G90 -Galvanized – 275 Zn coated steel will not rust or perforate for 65 years, making it lifetime product!  It is eco friendly, recyclable, sustainable, true green choice.

Lifetime warranty

Iron Clad- transferable, non pro-rated lifetime warranty will ensure that over time the warranty coverage holds up, giving you piece of mind and not leaving you and your roof exposed. 

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