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Thank you for your inquiry Stellar metal roofing products. We are here to assist you and advise you on how best to place an order for the all the roofing materials-for the last roof you will ever need!

Our team of technicians and estimators is aware that making a big purchase like this, can sometimes be overwhelming, so no worries, we are here to guide you along.  We will require some information from you, to determine how best we can help you facilitate the purchase of the last roof you will ever need. We provide detailed quotations free of charge, on timely basis and provide competitive prices, the metal roofing is more affordable that you think  

In order to get going we need to know whether this is DIY project, you will hire the contractor yourself, or do you need our installation services, knowing this will  or have a contractor complete the installation for you. Knowing the answer, we can help make you the right choice and properly advise you on your next steps. 

Kindly tell us which profile you are interested in, as each profile entails slightly different estimating method, sometimes  changing profiles can  affect your quote amount. 

Please follow the instructions below, based on your answer to the previous preference.

I Want My Project To Instal My New Metal Roof Done By Hired Contractor …

1) Please call Stellar Metal Roofing. at 1-844-220 7288 or 905 623 7007 and we can send the list of our approved & preferred metal roofing installation contractors for your area..

2) Once you choose a contractor.

New build project…

Provide your contractor with your roof architectural drawings-plans. 

The contractor will then provide you with  an estimate based on the roof drawings-plans.
Contractor will proceed with  a site measure, establish  material requirements and provide a final contract  price on the materials  and installation of your Stellar Metal Roof

Retrofit project…

Make the arrangements for the contractor to visit your home and to perform a site measurement.
Upon determining the material requirements and installation costs he will provide you with an estimate. The estimates are based of the profile chosen, required amount of material and the complexity and difficulty of the project.

After proceeding with hiring the contractor you set the timelines of the installation of your new Stellar Metal Roofing 


First foremost you will need to complete a bird’s eye view drawing of the roof. Our in-house technicians require that this diagram is completed with measurements on all straight lines on the roof. This information together with information listed next enables them to generate the accurate a quote. Please provide the measurements in feet and inches format. All Ridge Lengths

  • All Eave to Ridge Lengths
  • All Eave Lengths
  • All Valley Lengths
  • All Hip Lengths
  • All Wall Intersections (including around dormers)
  • All Transition Lengths (with the pitch change – ex. 4/12 to 8/12)
  • Lengths around all sides of chimneys and skylights
  • The position of all pipes and roof venting.
  • Will this product be installed on top of shingles or onto strapping? If on shingles, how many layers?
  • Note the pitch of the roof  & specify for all sections if the pitch varies.

 Once a drawing with all measurements is complete, have it submitted to the Stellar Metal Roofing team, and we will send you a quote for all o the materials. The quote will show the required materials to complete your project.

 When decision to proceed has been made , please contact Stellar Metal Roofing via email or phone and provide  your quote number #. Stellar Metal Roofing will commence with production of the required materials and notify you once the materials are ready to be picked up. If you will have materials shipped, please advise of carrier details. If you wish to have us deliver your product, kindly advise and we will make the arrangements.  

When picking up the materials, please ensure that your vehicle and trailer is in good working order has the capacity to handle your load. The size of the roofing materials can vary, underestimating the vehicle size could possibly prevent our loading department to load materials into or onto vehicles deemed to be unsafe.

Below you will find pictures of some common roof types. Determine your roof type and provide an aerial drawing with all required measurements. Please see below for some examples of what your drawing should


Roof Types

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