You need hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized or PPGI steel cut to a critical flatness tolerance and a required length flat sheet.? Let us custom cut steel sheets to your specs to help save you the complications of working with coil.

Cut-to-length sheets save time and steps for making a wide range of products, including trims, flashing, cladding etc 

Packaging and delivery for greater efficiency.

Along with our ability to produce large bundle sizes stacked on pallets, our sheet stacker ensures that you receive straight stacks that are ready to work with. 

 Our efficient, flexible cutting line is set to support moving orders quickly.

We provide flat-out consistency plus the widths and gauges you need.

We can process the coils up to 4.5 tons in weight, and specs below.  


Technical Data                US                                  Metric

Width                                     49”                                 1250mm      

Gauge/Thickness                .15”- 024”                      .38mm – .60mm