Stellar Metal Roofing prides itself on our custom flashings. From ridge to gable, we will custom manufacture your flashing in our facility in east Toronto. We can provide standard and custom flashings and trims, from 10′ to 3 meters in length. We manufacture our trims such as ridge, gable and valley flashings on our modern computerized press break to complement your needs. We use Swedish and German steel, which is available in a variety of colors to suit your residential, commercial or architectural project requirements. It is important to choose the correct type of hip, ridge and valley so that your roof or siding will function properly, weather proof your building and have the look you desire for your project. Our project managers are happy to assist. We provide all flashings and trims to general contractors, roofers, masons and DIY projects. Special pricing is available for larger quantities.



Custom valleys are a beneficial component of many residential roof applications. The center crimp of a Four Seasons custom valley flashing helps relieve stress, providing long-lasting strength at a critical point, while effectively channeling rainwater.


Stellar custom starters help channel water away from the roof edge, offering protection from leaking and pooling. If rain, snow, or ice are present, the starter ensures that water does not penetrate rafter rails, insulation, fascia, or soffits.

Ridge Caps

Ridge caps are a key component of a metal roof. They allow for air flow – up to 10 times more than a traditional shingled roof. Our ridge caps are made from the same material as our roofing and cladding products and are manufactured in our facility.